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Mental Fitness and Resiliency Inventory

My name is Patrick Maloney, and you are invited to participate in my research project, Changes in Mental Fitness Practices from a One-Year Positive Psychology Intervention. I am a doctoral student in the College of Interdisciplinary Studies at Royal Roads University, and my Dissertation Supervisor is Dr. Robert Laurie (
In preparation for this study, we have worked with Manulife Vice Presidents to outline the scope and objectives of this project, and to gain their endorsement for this study. The purpose of my research is to implement a one-year workplace positive psychology intervention with three teams from Manulife, to demonstrate links between positive psychology practices and the areas of psychological/organizational well-being in a corporate setting. Results from this study are intended to help improve the participating team’s workplace environment. You may verify the authenticity of this project by contacting Dr. Mary Bernard (, Professor and Program Head, Doctor of Social Sciences, College of Interdisciplinary Studies Chair, Research Ethics Board.
The Mental Fitness and Resiliency Inventory (MFRI) survey is being administered throughout all three participating teams at the senior management (Vice President), middle management (Director), and front-line levels. Your participation will consist of a pre-/post-intervention MFRI (lasting up to 10 minutes per survey) and your involvement is foreseen to last throughout 2023. You will have the opportunity to complete the MFRI twice, once before and once after the one-year intervention is complete. The quantitative information will be supplemented by interviews and focus groups from a selection of people on your team. Additionally, each participant will spend approximately 15-20 minutes per month participating in the online intervention activities.
The dissertation with the research results will be publicly available through RRU’s Digital Archive, the Library and Archives Canada, and Pro-Quest. The results may also be disseminated at public and academic conferences and presentations. An electronic copy of my dissertation will be shared with your leadership team.
No conflicts of interest have been identified.
Your participation is completely voluntary. If you do choose to participate, you are free to withdraw at any time. The MFRI survey data will be retained as part of an anonymized dataset. If you choose not to participate in this research project, this decision will also be maintained in confidence. 
This research project has been approved by the RRU Research Ethics Board. If you have any questions regarding your rights as a research participant, please contact the Office of Research Ethics at 
By completing the MFRI questionnaire, you are indicating your agreement to participate in this project. In doing so, you are not waiving any legal rights. Please contact me for further questions at: or 1-403-991-0836.

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